5 Creative Kid Bedroom Wall Design Ideas in Dayton, OH

5 Creative Kid Bedroom Wall Design Ideas in Dayton, OH

When you're looking at redesigning your child's bedroom (or perhaps even designing it for the first time) it can get a bit overwhelming -- with all of the things that a child can like it can be hard to choose one or two design ideas for the walls.

Though you may find that there are so very many options from which you can choose, rest assured that when it comes down to it, there are some that are more often chosen than others.

With that being the case, here are five creative kid bedroom wall design ideas in Dayton, OH.

1. Western Theme

Of course, the concept of the Wild West is nowhere near as popular as it was in the United States in the 1950's through the early 1970's but at some level, there are still kids out there that would love to pretend to be out exploring.

You can do a number of things to represent the West on the walls of your child's bedroom including painting some of the wildlife that was most often associated with the West.

Of course, you might find it to be even more fun to paint buildings that were considered typical in the West, at least as they were depicted in popular television shows and movies (Back To The Future III, even!)

2. Space

There is something really amazing and almost magical about space, which has been described as being basically endless... a concept that most children find to be fascinating.

There are a number of ways that you will be able to incorporate the idea of space into your child's bedroom, starting with painting the planets onto the walls with different color paints.

Another way that you can approach space is to consider painting one particular planet, and have the walls of the room make up the different landscapes that one might expect to see on that planet.

If you really want to help sell it, so to speak, you can paint the ceiling black and either add glow in the dark stickers that look like stars or use glow in the dark paint to add stars to the ceiling.

3. A Kingdom For Your Child's Horse

In a direction that's not too dissimilar from the Western theme, there is the idea of painting your child's bedroom to appear to be a kingdom as one would have read about like that of King Arthur's Court time period, or even fantasy novels that one finds in libraries and bookstores. Where you will go with this fantasy of a medieval is entirely up to you and there are quite a few directions that you can go with it.

You can, for example, go with a dragon or two on the wall (depending on the size of the walls and the size of the dragons, naturally) as well as other creatures.

The choice of creatures may be something that will be that of your child or children, but on the other hand you may want to just surprise them with their new fantasy world walls.

4. Video Game Characters

If your children like video games, they very well may want to see the characters from their favorite video games represented up on the wall.

Though some would suggest that you would need to choose only one game from which you can choose characters, this is not at all the case.

Indeed, you can have a really good time mixing and maxing the characters from different games -- though the choice in characters is entirely up to them.

5. The Ocean

Seemingly just as vast as space but a bit closer, the ocean is also quite rich in the things that you can find.

You never know from where a child might want to have the walls of their room painted to resemble the ocean, be it from a classic film about a young mermaid who is in love with a prince or even just perhaps staying up late and seeing a documentary about the ocean with their grandparents.

Different things that can show a love of the ocean might involve just having various shades of blue to having the different creatures from the ocean floating around the bedroom wall.

Like the space theme, your ceiling can also be ocean in themed with its own expanse of bubbles and sea creatures.

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