5 Things You Need To Do When Painting Your Ceilings in Cincinnati, OH

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

5 Things You Need To Do When Painting Your Ceilings in Cincinnati, OH

When you are looking to remodel your home, painting is one aspect that often comes into play and the interior and exterior walls of your home are often considered as candidates for being repainted -- but the ceiling is often overlooked.

Despite this, it's one of the most important aspects of remodeling -- it's important that your ceilings are kept looking as good as any of the other walls in your home.

Your ceilings should be repainted about once every five to seven years depending on the quality of the paint and the paint work.

With that being the case, let us look at and consider five of the things you need to do when painting your ceilings in Cincinatti, OH.

1. Use Heavy Drop Cloths To Protect The Floors And Furniture

There are numerous ways to protect your floors and furniture during the painting process but most likely the best of them is the use of the heavy drop cloth.

The heavy drop cloth is ideal because it provides full coverage for your floor and your furniture and it is better for absorbing spilled paint than most other covers.

It is also better for the floor because it is significantly harder to shift it about while you are walking on the floor as you are painting and therefore leave the floor vulnerable to dripping paint.

2. Sand The Ceiling Before Painting

One of the steps of the painting process that gets too often overlooked, especially when it comes to the ceiling, is the sanding of the ceiling.

Sanding the ceiling is important because it gets the surface of the ceiling to be more smooth, which is helpful for getting the paint to ultimately stay on better and last longer -- and considering how difficult it can be to paint the ceiling, this is a major plus point.

Once you have taken the time to sand the ceiling, it is important that you also thoroughly clean up the sanding dust that has accumulated and fallen down as it will get in the way and make a mes when you are painting otherwise.

You will want to be sure that the ceiling is properly dry before you continue the painting process, so if the ceiling is at all damp you need to give it time to dry.

3. Use A Ladder To Reach The Ceiling If You Don't Have An Extension Pole

If you don't have an extension pole to reach your ceiling, the best way to get up there with your paint roller is to get on a ladder -- and not the top of the ladder but the rung underneath the next to last top rung for optimal safety.

Of course, it is even more safe if you have someone with you to stabilize the ladder -- but in any case, anything related to using a ladder would be a better choice than trying to make a sort of scaffolding system using planks and things with which to raise the planks.

It is for one much more dangerous than using a ladder and it is also considerably more difficult to maneuver around the room with the scaffolding system than it is to just pick up the ladder and take it from place to place.

4. Use A Stain Blocking Primer To Block Any Stains You May Have On The Ceiling

If there are any stains on the ceiling at all and they don't come off during the cleaning process, it is best to use a primer that is formulated for blocking stains.

These primers are still good for the main purpose of a good primer which is to ensure that the paint that you apply to the ceiling will go on smoothly and will stay on longer.

5. Make Sure You Give Enough Time For The Painting Project

One of the biggest problems that people encounter when they are taking on a painting project such as painting the ceiling is that they underestimate how long it will actually take.

The reason that people think that they know how long a ceiling painting project will take but are wrong comes in a few parts -- for one, they don't realize that it is important to sand the ceiling prior to painting and that it is also important to apply a coat of primer before the coats of paint go on.

Additionally, there is the matter of allowing the ceiling to dry after you have applied primer and paint to it.

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