5 Tips For Painting Over Wallpaper in Dayton, OH

5 Tips For Painting Over Wallpaper in Dayton, OH

When you're looking to paint one of the rooms in your home, you may come across some wallpaper that looks to be more difficult to remove than it appears worth it, and this can be problematic because painting over wallpaper isn't just a matter of applying paint to the wallpaper as though it were any other surface.

Indeed, painting over wallpaper requires a good knowledge of what you are doing but with the right know-how you can take a room covered in wallpaper and paint it to look magificent.

With that being the case, let's look at five tips for painting over wallpaper in Dayton, OH.

1. Check It Over For Damage

The first thing that you will want to do is to check over the area of the room to be painted and to look for damage.

The kind of damage that you are specifically looking for is the sort where you will see the wallpaper peeling off of the wall, in particular near the seams of the wallpaper.

This can become an issue later on because if it looks like it's already peeling, you may be wasting your time in painting over the wallpaper as it's entirely possible that you could find yourself with painted over wallpaper that peels right off of the wall.

If you find this to be the case, you basically have two courses of action -- fix the peeling areas prior to painting, or just take the opposite approach and just remove the wallpaper entirely.

The latter approach may be more challenging in the long run but may be well worth it if the damage to the wallpaper is enough that it would take considerably longer to fix it than it would to remove it.

2. Use The Right Kind Of Primer

When you're going to paint over your wallpaper, you need to have some kind of foundation over which you will be painting - that being the primer coat.

Primer is necessary for many kinds of interior and exterior painting but when you're painting over wallpaper, it's a must.

When you're painting over wallpaper you're going to want to use a particular kind of primer called alkyd primer.

The issue with latex primer is that it can soak through the wallpaper and effectively start the process of getting it off the wall.

3. Clean Before You Prime

Of course before you start the process of painting over your wallpaper, and even before you consider priming the walls, you need to make sure that the walls are fully clean.

This is important because applying a coat of primer over a dirty wall will accomplish nothing but get you dirty primed walls, which is not a good foundation for paint.

Paint needs to be applied to a smooth surface, and the way you're going to get this done is that you have to have clean walls in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and start by cleaning your wallpapers -- gently removing the dust and grime that may be on the surface -- before you begin the painting process.

4. Sand Well

As mentioned above, painting requires a smooth surface -- and if you just apply the primer to the wallpaper as is, you may still end up with a rough surface.

To be sure that you're going to have a good and smooth painting experience, your best bet is to gently sand the surface of the wallpaper prior to applying a good coat of primer.

5. Cover Crevices Well

Lastly, when you are applying primer you are going to want to make sure that you cover all of the areas well including all of the various seams and the crevices of the wall.

This is important because if you miss any, your paint work is not going to thoroughly go over and it will be fairly clear once your paint work is done that you have painted over wallpaper -- and that's not a good look for your room.

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