7 Creative Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal in Dayton, OH

7 Creative Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal in Dayton, OH

When you’re looking to possibly increase the value of your home prior to putting it up for sale, you could look into the idea of doing things on the exterior that will improve what is known as the curb appeal.

Curb appeal means a lot of things to different people but generally refers to the way that the house is perceived from the curb - like if you’re taking a walk and see a house and make an appraisal of it based on how it looks from the curb.

Let’s look at seven creative ways to increase your curb appeal in Dayton, OH.

1.Raised Garden

One nice thing that you can do to increase your curb appeal is to add a raised garden to your front yard - for putting it in the back yard won’t help the curb appeal (nobody can see your backyard from the curb) with a variety of plants and flowers.

Of course, the kind of flowers and other plants will depend largely on the season and what is locally available.

2.Potted Plants

Another good way to increase your curb appeal is to add potted plants to the front of your house.

A good aspect of this is that you can not only move around the plants in front of your home with much more ease than if they were planted in the ground.

Another benefit to the potted plant is that if you end up wanting to change out the plant for another one should you find one that is more appealing.

3.Larger Porch

The porch is a fine area for you to both enjoy when you have the time (weekends and when you are otherwise not occupied) and if your porch is small or can even just use an upgrade as it were, the size might be one way to improve it.

By having a larger porch, you're going to be able to do such things as putting up a swing and maybe even a table where you can have snacks with friends or just enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or a neighbor.

4.Updated Porch Lights

One way that you can not only improve your curb appeal but ultimately lower the cost of your electrical bill is to improve your porch lights.

Many porch lights date back years in terms of their build and the amount of electricity they draw is significantly more than newer porch lights.

If you replace your porch lighting system with one that is LED in nature, for example, your lights will last longer and it will use a lot less electricity.

5.Better Walkway

When people come to visit your home, if they have to walk up the lawn to get to your front door it will not be nearly as pleasant as if they come up a walkway to get to it.

This is more the case during the winter months, as having friends and family walk up a snowy front yard is certainly not fun for anyone.

Since a good walkway will look a lot better than a plain grass front yard, it will also boost your curb appeal.


One way for you to express your creativity while at the same time improving your curb appeal is to add a flag to the front of the house.

While in the past you were pretty much limited to things like country, now you can get flags related to just about anything you like.

These can be things like your interests or even animals that you like.

7.Trim Trees

Lastly, a really simple way to boost your curb appeal is to trim the trees in front of your home.

This is good because the appearance of trees in front of your house that has branches growing out of them in an unruly manner is not good for the curb appeal as it looks like you don't care about your house.

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