7 Designs To Consider For A Living Room Accent Wall in Dayton, OH

7 Designs To Consider For A Living Room Accent Wall in Dayton, OH

In the process of updating the look of your home, you may want to think about painting one of your rooms -- your living room, for example.

However, what if you want instead to change the look of just one of your walls -- to make it an accent wall, in other words?

Accent walls aren't only a matter of painting a wall-- sometimes, you can make an accent wall by decorating it specially.

With that being the case, here are seven designs to consider for a living room accent wall in Dayton, OH

1. Family Memorabilia

When you think about family memorabilia, what comes to mind -- the sort of collections of photos that you may have taken over the years or even inherited from your family.

You can also think of the various treasures you have from your family, whether they are medallions from service or patches.

These can all be framed and hung up on the wall and will really make that wall stand out from the others, which is the very meaning of an accent wall.

2. Vintage Art

Another thing that you might want to consider using for your accent wall is vintage art -- and this doesn't necessarily mean it is expensive.

Art is something that looks good if it looks good to you, so if you wander into a thrift store and see a piece of art that looks nice, go for it!

One nice thing about hanging art for your accent wall is that you can make use of the full wall and hang things all the way up to the ceiling.

3. Stripes

A simple way to make up an accent wall is to take the wall exactly as it is and add stripes of a contrasting color.

If finding a contrasting color is too difficult, you should know that web sites out there and even apps can help you.

All you do is input the color you start with, and then it will pick out what it determines to be the contrasting color.

4. Patches

You don't need to use paint to add color to your accent wall -- you can, for example, make use of fabric to make patches that you hang on the wall.

The nice thing about making patches is that you can choose from quite various colors and patterns.

As with many things related to taste, if it makes you happy and looks good to you, that's all that really matters.

5. Peel And Stick Accent Wall

Decorations that you can peel and stick -- various patterns can be applied to your wall (though not at the same time.)

It can be straightforward to apply peel and stick decorations to your wall to create a nice accent wall, and on top of that, you can mix and match decorations to make unique combinations.

Another great thing is that if you don't like part of the wall based on one of the stickers, you can remove it.

6. Stencil

You can find a number of perfect stencils out there that would up the look of your accent wall.

The nice thing about using a stencil to apply a new pattern to your accent wall is that they are relatively easy to use.

7. Wallpaper

Lastly, think about the function of wallpaper and what it is typically used to do -- to change the look of a room by adding colors or patterns to the walls.

You can use wallpaper to transform one of the walls in a room into a fantastic accent wall.

If you are hesitant about using certain wallpaper patterns, you may want to consider easily removable wallpaper -- if you end up not liking the look, you can remove it!

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