7 Mistakes To Avoid Painting Your Ceiling in Cincinnati, OH

7 Mistakes To Avoid Painting Your Ceiling in Cincinnati, OH

People who are seeking to update the look of their home may consider painting different areas -- interior walls, exterior walls... but the ceiling is often overlooked.

This is unfortunate, as when people come to realize that their ceiling needs to be painted, they can sometimes make some serious mistakes that can cost them big in terms of money and time.

With this being the case, let us look at seven mistakes to avoid painting your ceiling in Cincinnati, OH

1. Leaving All The Furniture In The Room

Leaving furniture in the room is a bad idea when you're painting just about any time, but it can especially be bad when you're painting the ceiling.

This is because when you are trying to reach up to the ceiling, any furniture that you leave will just become an obstacle in your way and make it more difficult to paint.

Additionally, by leaving furniture there you are just tempting paint to drip upon it and make a mess that is much more difficult to clean than it would be to prevent.

If there's furniture you need to leave in the room for whatever reason, try to at least move it to one place in the room and then cover it with a drop cloth so that paint doesn't get on it.

2. Not Using A Tarp Or Drop Cloth For Covering The Floor

You might think of dripping paint only when you are painting the walls, but paint drips even from the ceiling -- it's the gravity that does it.

If you don't cover the floor when you are painting your ceiling, there's a good chance that the floor will get some paint on it.

Of course if you don't mind an abstract art new look to your floor, you can leave it uncovered and let the ceiling make a masterpiece out of your floor.

For most people, it's better to cover the floor with something -- perhaps a tarp or a drop cloth so that the floor doesn't get any paint on it.

Consider using a heavier drop cloth so that it doesn't shift under your feet while you walk and possibly uncover the floor.

3. Using The Wrong Paint

There are many kinds of paint that you can use for your interior painting, but not all of them are equally useful for painting your ceiling.

There are paints specifically made for painting your ceiling, which of course may be the best route to go for the task.

Other paints may also be suitable for painting that are not ceiling paints include paints that are flatter -- you don't want glossy paint for your ceiling as it's generally not a good look.

4. Not Cleaning The Ceiling

When you're looking to paint your ceiling, you need to take the time to clean it thoroughly before you do so.

There are numerous reasons that you have to clean the ceiling before you paint it, first of which is that painting over dust or dirt will just lead to having a ceiling covered in dust, dirt, and paint.

Secondly, you will find that painting over the dirt will lead to a paint job that is not going to last nearly as long as a paint job that involves cleaning the ceiling well.

5. Not Allowing The Ceiling To Dry

When you paint the ceiling, you need to always make sure that you give enough time for it to dry at every stage of the process.

This includes making sure that the ceiling dries after you fully clean it (cleaning often will include getting the ceiling wet) and even after you apply primer and the first and possibly second coats of paint.

Not allowing the ceiling to dry will lead to numerous painting issues including bubbling if you paint over a moist ceiling.

Painting a second coat of paint over the first coat before it dries can get the not yet fully dry paint on your paint roller or brush.

6. Not Sanding At All

It's important to have a smooth surface when you are painting any surface, and certainly your ceiling.

Sanding your ceiling -- a gentle sanding, even -- and then cleaning the sanding dust before it can make a mess is an important step in this process.

7. Ignoring Stains From Leaks

Lastly, be on the lookout for water stains -- as these can be telling signs that you have. a larger issue at hand.

These can be issues ranging from there being a leak in the roof that has made its way to your ceiling to an appliance leaking.

Not taking care of the source of the stain will just mean that you are going to have the stain later on down the line.

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