The 5 Things To Do When Cleaning A Water Stain On Your Ceiling in Cincinnati, OH

The 5 Things To Do When Cleaning A Water Stain On Your Ceiling in Cincinnati, OH

Water stains are a fortunately uncommon thing to happen to your ceiling, but when you do notice that they have happened it is important that you take care of them as soon as possible.

The problem with water stains is that unlike other sorts of stains, you will have to go to greater lengths of effort to take care of them, as we will discuss below.

With that being the case, here are five things to do when cleaning a water stain on your ceiling in Cincinatti, OH.

1. Taking Care Of The Source Of The Stain

If you don't take the time (or some would say make the time) to make sure that you know what the source of the stain is, you could very well fix the problem (in this case, the stain on the ceiling) only to notice weeks later that you have another stain in the same area.

In some cases water stains are a result of an appliance that uses water that somehow leaks and allows the dripping to come down to the ceiling area below it.

If that's the case, you will of course have to get that appliance fixed or replaced.

On the other hand there may be some kind of damage to the roof that will have allowed water to get through to the ceiling -- naturally, if you are averse to getting up on your roof to check for damage you may want to get a professional to help you with this.

2. Cleaning The Stain

When you are looking to get rid of the stain, you have to realize that adding just water won't fix it even though water is what caused it.

Water stains get there as a result of water just sitting there and saturating the ceiling and it won't do you any good to use more water, though it might seem that would be the case.

The best thing you could do, however, is to make up a solution of bleach and water (about one to three ratio) and that will clean up the stain nicely.

Mind you, it is important that you allow this to dry before you continue.

3. Sanding The Area

A ceiling that needs to be painted is one that should be sanded first before you begin the actual painting process.

The process of sanding your ceiling, or at least the area that is going to be painted (more on this later) is important as it will provide a smooth surface on which you will be applying primer and then paint.

Make sure that you clean up the sanding dust prior to continuing with the process.

4. Applying A Coat Of Primer

The next thing you will want to do is to apply a coat of stain blocking primer to the area of the ceiling where you had a stain and perhaps go out a little bit further.

You will want to do this because primer, particularly stain blocking primer, is good for hiding anything that may be left over in terms of discoloration from the water stain.

Stain blocking primer is probably the best thing you can use to get the surface of your ceiling as smooth as possible for the application of the ceiling paint.

5. Painting Some If Not All Of The Ceiling

Lastly, you are going to paint the area of your ceiling where you had the stain, but this is where you are going to want to be careful.

As you are painting, you may notice that the color of the paint does not match the color of your ceiling as it is -- if it is close enough, you may be okay to leave it as is and hope for the best.

If, however, it doesn't look anything like your ceiling, you may need to take it a step further and repaint the rest of your ceiling... though that would of course mean you might need to go back a couple of steps to get the rest of it prepared!

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